NGCP Taps Media To Assist In Their Info Drive To Prevent Accidental Electrocution

Oct. 4,2014

NGCP Taps Media To Assist In Their Info Drive To Prevent Accidental Electrocution
By Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.

Ormoc City, Leyte-The lack of knowledge among residents near the estimated 138,000 volt transmission lines passages on how dangerous is it to act recklessly and carelessly nearby or underneath the power lines has prompted NGCP officials to formulate some preventive measures to avoid and prevent accidental electrocution that causes meaningless deaths.

Thisael Pole, Safety Officer of Ormoc substation essayed in details some of the safety measures/steps that residents near the substations and nearby localities where transmission lines were passing through must take heed to avoid and prevent accidental electrocution:

1)Kite flying near transmission lines as well as climbing transmission structures may cause accidents and/or electrocution; 2)When passing thru transmission structures do not carry long sticks or any object that might get in contact with the power lines; 3)Do not plant trees near transmission lines.Report to NGCP any incident of tangled branches; 4)Do not allow children to play near transmission lines; 5)Not safe to build any structure under transmission lines to avoid accidental electrocution; 6)Avoid burning fire near or underneath transmission lines;

7)Immediately report to NGCP any incident of leaning posts, towers and/or sagging lines to NGCP.Do not allow anybody to touch the sagging lines to shun accidental electrocution; 8)Do not park your vehicles near or under transmission lines.In case of accident bring victims to the nearest clinic/hospital.Report any untoward incidents to brgy. officials and to the police; 9)Family members whose houses were already built near transmission lines should be very careful when installing radio or TV antenna not to touch it in the transmission lines to avoid accidental electrocution and meaningless deaths-just like what happened in b rgy. Combado,Maasin City several years ago, victimizing 2 young men causing grief and sorrow to their loved ones.

Earlier, Brando Fajardo,Chief Leyte-Samar Grid disclosed to the press that the function of the National Power Corporation(NAPOCOR) which in latter years was called Transco is now privatized,a step that the government-run electric corporation has decided to improve its services to the consumers.

Fajardo also explained lengthily how the electric power from its main source at Tongonan Geothermal Plant were distributed to different substations down to its strategic locations where the areas covered by these power restoration stations could easily be reached via transmission lines to various localities.

“Transco still owns the asset”, NGCP’s Maasin substation-assigned Engr. Pongaso in brgy. Tambis clarified, “but NGCP manages and supervises its operations”.

The Leyte-Samar Chief revealed that the Tongonan Power Plant has the power capacity of 440MGW,so big that it’s excessed power were shared to other grids like Leyte-Bohol-Cebu, Negros-Panay and Bicol-Luzon thru submarine cables and transmission lines.

However, the common complaints of consumers of the host island including Samar Island’s consumers were: why is it that we have to pay big amount in our electric bills per kilo watt hour than in other provinces and the far-flung regions?”.

The electric consumers’ complaints for decades now were not satisfactorily answered by concerned electric cooperatives. On the other hand, Fajardo further said that NGCP has started to manage and supervise Transco’s electric power transmission generation in 2007, which currently, through modern technology has acquired some reliable equipment to enhance its operations.

He also explained about PMS(Preventive Maintenance System),EPIRA and other acronyms related to efficient power and energy generation services and control in all regions covered by the operation, which is a 25-year concession and renewable for another 25 years.

Alvin Santos,OPCS tackled on generation efficiency, power shortages, automatic load dropping(ALD),system peak, unexpected power outages and other inconveniencies occurring in various areas covered by its different substations in Leyte and Samar.

He also claimed that NGCP has a frequency regulating reserve of 4% of the demand for the hour in Leyte-Samar grid with a contingency reserve of 100 MGW.

Earlier,Maria Rosette Martinez(Nickname Beatty),NGCP Media coordinator welcomed the Maasin press upon their entry at Ormoc Geothermal Power Plant substation.After registering their names they were ushered to the monitoring department where Safety Officer Thisael Pole explained how the system in his Department would operate.

Later the group composed of print/online and broadcast journalists including some PIOs and CDIOs were brought to the next building where another NGCP staff has given them a short lecture,a sort of briefing,on how the media should conduct themselves while inside the compound.It was followed by picture taking among themselves for either as posterity,souvenirs or potential postings on their facebook accounts.

In another related development at Sabina Hotel where NGCP officials and the media were convening, PIA-Maasin Information Manager Erna Sy Gorne told some of the attending Information Officers from Maasin’s government agencies that they are going to reactivate their groups’ function as PIOs and CDIOs.

She instructed them to start writing their news reports after a refreshing seminar on basic news writing to be conducted by the joint efforts of PIA staff and the President of the Associated Media of Southern Leyte (AMSL) Jani C. Arnaiz, any day soon.

Sy-Gorne also urged them to send their reports to PIA,to 2 Maasin-based weeklies, the Southern Leyte Times and the Southern Leyte Balita and to for consideration.(Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.)

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Southern Leyte Good Strategic Location For Businesses-Calooy

Sept. 2,2014

Southern Leyte Is Good Strategic location For Businesses-Calooy
By Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.

Maasin City, Southern Leyte-The province of Southern Leyte composed of 18 municipalities and one city is a good strategic location for business undertakings that any business-minded men/women can take advantage of.

This was the disclosure of Libagon Vice-Mayor Rey E. Calooy based on what he has perennially observed when daily trips from Metro Manila by big buses passing the Bicol province and Samar Island down to Leyte Island where its second province called Southern Leyte is geographically located.

“Besides,our province is an agricultural land with still plenty of vacant lots that could be planted with rice,corn,vegetables,fruits,rootcrops and other edible plants”,he said.

Calooy pointed out that Southern Leyte has more advantage compared to Cebu City concerning business movement where delivering of ordered goods to Bohol, Negros and in other places need sea trips to dispatch them; while in the former any businessman can deliver ordered goods/products to Metro Manila or Mindanao by land via big passenger buses.

Quoting the Bible’s Deuteronomy verses he said that as children of God “He does not wants us to be poor” and he alleged that poverty “is not a virtue but a disease of the mind”.

Tito Calooy, the younger brother of Libagon Vice-Mayor Rey also said that “God has given us the power to realize our goals in life”.

However, each person should have a desire and make use of his/her right imagination for mental visioning of his/her dream to have a specific target coupled with hard work and determination for its future realization.

Business Mentoring

Despite of the fact that each individual has the inherent capacity to improve his/her situation in life,the wise approach in any kind of business endeavor is business monitoring as a proper guidance in making business to succeed.”There’s no school and there’s no book or effective formula on how to succeed in any form of business”,Lito M. Arrabis butted in,also a pioneering staff of the SLBCI which their team launched in 2012.

This is the main reason why a person who wants to engage in any kind of business should seek the guidance from the experienced entrepreneurs who have tested the rough waves of various fields in businesses to immerse in the wisdom of “the ins and outs of businesses”, said Arrabis, Calooy’s colleague.

“Those who want to avail of the business mentoring should be members of the SLBCI”,he said.”However, we only mentor members who are interested to be mentored”.

In business, the businessmen looks for profit, while entrepreneurs invest in people, the older Calooy claimed; adding that SLBCI has and will develop programs that are good for everybody with an intention to eradicate the crab mentality-a colonial-contamination mindset rabidly practiced by some Filipinos, even among those who described themselves as educated people.

SLBCI’s Sandy Laroa for his part confessed before the media audience during a press briefing held at the Senior Citizen’s Bldg. near the Bus Terminal that at first he has no money which he could use as a capital for an investment.

Nevertheless, Laroa claimed that building a good relationship with people you know and with some acquaintances coupled with one’s natural virtue of trustworthiness, could be a way in making not-so-familiar moneyed person to entrust his money “for you to engage in business”. He dubbed that rare kind of man as his “angel investor” so to speak.”At present I’m in the lending business”, he said.

Saving important

Furthermore, Rey Calooy emphasized that money does not create ideas, but that man creates money”. He also considers any man who is interested to engage in any business as “he himself is already a capital and that he can do it himself/herself”.

“Do you want to be a millionaire?”,he asked. To be as such “starts in the mind and driven by your great desire /dream to reach your goal”.

One of the ways of reaching one’s desire/dream is the primary importance of practicing consistent regular savings of one’s earnings either by daily, weekly or monthly, depending upon one’s income.

“Save 10% of your earnings or salaries regularly and divide the remaining amount for various needs”, he said.”Put inside an envelope each allowance for transportation fare for your students and in another envelope put an amount for their pocket money; for a sack of rice in another envelope, for monthly electric bill, for groceries and so on with specific mark on each envelope for easy identification as needed.

He continued:”If for example, you save P100.00 per week, in one month you have P400.00.In one year you have P4, 800.00.And in ten years time, you have P48, 000.00. In 15 years, you have P288, 000.00. This amount is enough to start a new business, which you can handle manageably”.

This kind of savings is classified as passive savings, a saving that could be used either to meet an emergency financial need rather than lending money from a loan shark or for future investment. The other savings is considered as active, the one that is for daily spending, explained Arrabis.

Happy Tay; Happy Nay

Arrabis moreover divulged that SLBCI has conceptualized a kind of business to help families have source of income, which the absence of it was the main source of quarrel among husbands and wives in most communities, which they dubbed as “Happy Tay;Happy Nay”,a project piloted in brgy. Bugasong,Libagon.

“Before the SLBCI decided to put it into palpable family program, he attended seminars in different agencies to learn about organic farming for chickens and pig growers as Small and Medium Entrepreneurial undertaking.

Arrabis informed that in every seminar they have conducted in Libagon they always include husbands, wives and the members of their respective families for them to learn about the new technology which in South Korea is already considered as an old practice in farming, it was learned.
In this new system of farming, an agriculture technician informed, pig or chicken pens have no bad odor and the animal manure can be used as fertilizer for plants.

Arrabis said that the project yield good result that each family members were having income to provide for the households needs, which make those who were involved happy, apparently lessening the cause of family squabbles on money matters.

He clarified however that it is important to perfect the system first before it could be implemented in other municipalities of the province including perhaps in Maasin.

On the other hand , the older Calooy stressed that all kinds of products should adopt to innovation like attractive packaging/designing that could compete with other high valued products in the market.

If a businessman is in restaurant business, he said, he should have also a catering services to meet additional demands from well off customers who prefer catering services than prepare for themselves to serve their invited guests, relatives and friends on special events.

For those who want to engage in business or those business-minded people they are invited to participate in a one-day event of the upcoming “First Southern Leyte SME Entrepreneurship Summit 2014” to be held on Sept. 7,2014 at brgy. Hubas,Llibagon starting at 8:00 a.m. Two hundred or more entrepreneurs are expected to attend.One of the speakers is said to be Bam Aquino.

You may call DTI-Provincial Office,Maasin City, (053)381-4099; 0917-705-1508 and ask for Sandra Orito. Bring your own provisions, just in case.(Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.)

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Leaders Need The Peoples’ Support To Achieve The Goal Of Progress-Tolentino

Aug. 18,2014

Leaders Need The Peoples’ Support To Achieve The Goal Of Progress-Tolentino
By Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.

Maasin City, Southern Leyte-All leaders in both private and public endeavor need the full support of their respective peoples or constituents either in cities or provinces to achieve their individual goals for the realization of each respective targets.

This was the conclusive personal observations of guest speaker Atty. Francis N, Tolentino,Chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority(MMDA) in his speech held at City gymnasium during the recent 14th Charter Day Anniversary with a theme:”Healthy And Sporty Maasin”.

The special occasion was attended by city and provincial officials like City Councilors led by incumbent Mayor Maloney Samaco,Vice-Mayor Effie Abiera-Sabandal, Barangay Captains and barrio officials;Governor Roger Mercado,some SP members,Congressman Damian Mercado and some Municipals Mayors.

Tolentino who called the attention in particular, the Maasin City College Business Ad students who were also present like some college students of Saint Joseph College and College of Maasin, to take note that People plus Leadership means progress of a place like Maasin and in other areas if the people will give their full support of their leaders.

He implied that these 2 major formulas which are not found in Public Ad books should be adopted by all kinds of leaderships both in the material and in the spiritual realm.

The former Mayor of Tagaytay City, who with a lengthy introduction of his credentials by Congressman Mercado provided an erudition of skills and knowledge attain from various universities here and abroad, likewise expressed his praises for the 14th-year-old city for achieving many awards from the Dept. of Health on being a smoke-free city and in regional nutrition,DILG for its Good Governance and other awards-likewise taking into consideration the joint efforts among the city and provincials officials of this province for such achievements.

The MMDA Chairman who is also a cabinet member of the Aquino Administration and whose term in office is coterminous with that of the incumbent President Benigno Simon Aquino,111,similarly expressed his appreciation to officials of some Maasinhon barangays for being disciplined during the earlier parade around the city’s main streets.

Pagara VS. Arce

In a presscon held at the Vice-Mayor’s office he told the local press in answer to queries that he even questioned LTFRB’s issuances of 29,000 projects in Metro Manila area sans personal inspection of to-be-registered vehicles and also for allowing provincial vehicles to enter Metro Manila area which is supposed to be a prohibition.

How the LTFRB can reach such high numbers of issuances if they have conducted personal inspections of vehicles to be registered, he implied.

On the other hand, Maasinhon pugilist Prince Albert Pagara who was also present during a press conference nipped his Mexican opponent Hugo Partida in a bout held at Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City last June 21, 2014 on a first-round knockout win.

As an overt manifestation of his newly-acquired status as an Intercontinental champion he brought with him the huge gold-plated belt which he placed on the conference table for the media and sundry to behold.

On his next scheduled bout in Macao, China, as one of the potential supporting event nominees of the upcoming Manny Pacquiao’s square off with Mexican favorite Cris Alguirre on November 23,2014, Pagara’s foe George Jorge Arce,who demanded a big prize money, is still under negotiation.(Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.)

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Worrying Is Not Natural: It Cannot Help A Person,Neither Can It Control The Future-Lariosa

Aug. 15,2014

Worry Is Not Natural: It Cannot Help A Person, Neither Can It Control The Future- Lariosa
By Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.

Maasin City, Southern Leyte-Worrying is not natural, it cannot help a person neither can it control the future,Henry Lariosa told the Persons With Disabilities(PWDs) who were participants to the 36th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week with a theme “Talent And Principle Of Persons With Disabilities Passport To Progress” held at the City gymnasium here recently.

“In the beginning of our birth as children we don’t worry at all”, he said, “we just eat and play, laugh and cry”. When we grew up into adulthood, we were affected by what were happening in our surroundings, why then?

However, worrying cannot really help us and it cannot also control what will going to happen in the future, he stressed.”We cannot change anymore the things that already happened”, he said, “instead we should continue to move on and do what can be done that is right and good towards our fellowmen despite the challenges and sufferings that we have encountered”.

Lariosa emphasized not to worry about things that they cannot change “but to do something to things that you have the capability to change”.

The watch repairer also advised the 40 PWDs to accept their disabilities with humbleness in lieu of worrying and pitying whatever it may be for “we live in this world because it is the will of the Lord God”.

The bible reader strongly exhorted further the audience and sundry “to bless the world with one thing by using your talent and offer it to the Lord Almighty”.

Patience In Achieving Goal

The guest speaker also underscored the importance of having patience in achieving one’s goal or purpose by citing the kind of work perform by a sculptor in improving and honing their respective talents.

He said that a sculptor uses hammer, chisel and other necessary tools to carve an image that a customer want him to do.”And he did his work with patience and determination in gradual set of phases until he achieved the desired result”, he said.”In the same way focus your attention and goal in developing your talents and other things that you can do and offer it to the Lord”, he repeated.

The member of the Couples For Christ cited 2 other cases of persons who by common observation may cause worry to most people ,but here they concerned individuals have instead learned to accept what they have bitterly encountered in their lives.

Humble Acceptance

Lariosa revealed that Nick Voujicic, an Italian by birth was born with no hands and no feet. What could be considered as his 2 feet, he said, are 2 small resemblances of feet, which by normal human being cannot be considered as feet.

Nevertheless, instead of blaming God or herself she thanked God that her son still has 2 feet.”She has learned to accept what can be considered by many parents as abnormal condition of her child”, he said.”With that kind of humble acceptance of her son even in his stage of adulthood”, he continued, “he became a preacher and a source of inspiration to many people whom he met”.

Another was a woman who was diagnosed as having cancer of the breast.”You have a stage 4 cancer of the breast and you will only live for 2 months”, he said, quoting the Doctor.

In lieu of getting worried and frustrated, she thanked the Lord God that she has breast cancer and also thanked God that she got to live only for 2 months,he claimed.
“With that rare kind of humble acceptance on her shocking medical condition not readily common to majority of the people around”, he claimed, “she reached 10 years from the day she was diagnosed and was healed from her devastating affliction”.

Nonetheless, the watch repairer did not further elaborate in details whether she devoted a fervent daily pray until her recovery or if she consulted a doctor of alternative medicine or what.

Lariosa moreover reminded again the PWD attendees that worrying is not needed in a person’s existence, but to always expect the best to come and be always optimistic that something good will come.

PWDs’ Magna Carta

For her part,City Social Welfare Development Services Head Fe Sta. Cruz told the PWDs,this time mostly attended by deaf-mute, who were students of the Special Persons Educational Development(SPED) at Tomas Oppus Pilot School in brgy. Mantahan, that in spite of their various disabilities, each one of them has their given talent that they can also develop and hone with the help of competent instructors.

Sta. Cruz also divulged to the attendees that there exists a Magna Carta for PWDs whose objective is to protect their rights.

One of the provisions under the law for the PWDs welfare and protection, she pointed out that calling a PWD in accordance with his/her disability could be a ground for filing a charge in court against a braggart name-caller.

She stressed that calling a PWD as such will discouraged or frustrate the concerned PWD that will only add to his/her having a low esteem.

She implied that some of the PWDs having a low esteem were acquired from bad or traumatic experiences of their lives that led to their unexpected smack of their disabilities.

A DSWD staff who distributed forms to the participants for individual filing as members, informed that there’s now a new PWD office (a satellite office under the DSWD)located near the Bureau of Fire Protection office,a walking distance from the Bus Terminal in brgy. Combado headed by Daniel Quirong.(Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.)

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At Dok Alternatibo: We Don’t Perform Operation-Tabada

Aug. 15,2014

At Dok Alternatibo: We Don’t Perform Operation-Tabada
By Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.

Maasin City, Southern Leyte-Sick people who seek treatment at Dok Alternatibo Center should know that they(DAMNH) don’t perform operation, but are expecting them to give their full cooperation and to follow the formula for healing to get cure of their various diseases whatever kind of names the medical community has conceptualized and christened about each malady.

This was the gist of Doctor of Alternative Medicine in Natural Healing (DMNH)Beth Tabada during her 4-hour back-to-back grand healing and livelihood seminar held at Dok Alternatibo Center in brgy. Abgao here recently.

She emphasized that most of the common diseases some persons have suffered can be avoided if only they prefer to eat natural foods in balance diet and a daily exercise.

This include arthritis, diabetes, hemorrhoid, heart disease, osteoporosis, kidney trouble, cancer,etc.,she said.

The Dok Alt lecturer on various diseases that afflict man also disclosed some of its causes and its cure.

She said that the causes of arthritis are inflammatory foods. This cover all processed foods, fried and heat meat, sugar, refined carbohydrates,(baked white flour),dairy products(cheese, milk),alcohol and tobacco,preservatives,safety foods and prolong maintenance of medication.

For those who have hemorrhoids(external or internal) they are advised to apply the following recommendations: 1)Adequate daily water intake from 10 to 12 standard glass for adults;2) Eat high fiber diet on a daily basis; 3)Avoid heavy consumption of junk foods and meat; 4)If in a rare case when only junk food and meat were availably serve for unknown reasons;and there’s the urge to eat to satisfy one’s hunger,then eat in small amount on both and drink more water to make you feel full; 5)Exercise at l east 30 minutes daily; 6)Avoid lifting heavy things; 7)Avoid prolong setting and prolong standing;8)Include fruit juices in your daily diet;8)Daily hot steaming of different prescribed plants in mixture like guabana leaves,bilabila grass,banaba leaves,tanglad(lemon grass) and turmeric(luy-ang dulaw).

Tabada explained that if one’s hemorrhoid is serious, to add 6 drops of Dok Alt Haplus over hot steam inside a large bowl. The patient should set above the sensation-tolerable hot steam boiled for 15 to 20 minutes with various herbal leaves on it until its hotness faded away. Repeat the procedure daily to achieve a gradual size reduction of one’s hemorrhoid.

Tabada clarified that the solution for those who suffered from abnormally large hemorrhoids is surgery/operation.

Calcium Therapy: 1) kamunggay(malunggay);2)Skinless soybeans; 3)Okra; 4)Mollases; 5) Orange; 6)Sesame Seeds; 7)Ampalaya; 8)Tomato; 9)Garlic; 10) Alugbati; 11)Tawgi(mongo sprouts);12) Siling Labuyo.

Vitamin D Therapy: 1) early morning sunlight; 2)brown rice; 3)green tea; 4)gotokula; 5)native egg.

Other benefits of gotokula according to Dok Alternatibo laboratory research are: good for high blood pressure; heart disease; water retention; improving memory and concentration; nervous disorder; Alzheimer’s disease; decreasing fatigue and depression; breaking down cellulite; rebuilding energy store; increasing sex drive; stimulating the central nervous system; anti-oxidant.

Herbal tea for diabetes: 1)puso sa saging cardaba(banana blossom); 2)guabano leaves; 3)banaba leaves; 3) 3 pcs. Thumb-sized turmeric (luy-ang dulaw); 4) 3 pcs. of bilabila grass; 5)tanglad(white grass).

Put all the above mentioned herbs including the banana blossom inside a non-aluminum calderon.
Pour 6 standard adult glasses of potable water inside it and boil for 15 minutes. Avoid repeating the cooking of the aforementioned plants as the result of the second cooking will make the concoction acidic which is not good for therapy, explained Tabada.

Narural Vitamin C and For Cough: 1)One bottle of pure honey; 2)As many kalamansi(Lemoncito)as you want that the one bottle of honey can wholly soak in the process; 3)Add 20 to 25 drops of Dok F Haplus; 4)Store in a glass bottle and allow it for at least 2 to 3 weeks soaking. If the liquids has already increased in volume, it’s an indication that the the kalamansi juice has been released thru the extractive power of the honey.

Dosage: One tablespoon for adults daily after meal; and one teaspoonful after meal for youngsters daily. For cough:one tablespoon 3 times daily for adults and one teaspoonful 3 times daily for youngsters.(Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.)

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Mercado-CHED Creates Linkage For Scholarship Grants To Qualified Students

July 17,2014

Mercado-CHED Creates Linkage For Scholarship Grants To Qualified Students
Quirico M. Gorpido,jr.

Maasin City, Southern Leyte-Incumbent Congressman Damian G.Mercado who initiated moves to acquire financial funds from the national government for potential scholars in this province has created a linkage with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) hierarchy to realize his great intention to help deserving applicants.

During the second week of July,CHED Regional Director Maura Consolacion Cristobal visited Southern Leyte State University main campus in Sogod and later in this city, where she also personally distributed notice of awards and scholarship contracts to a total of almost 2,000 students-grantees.

In Maasin the CHED regional head did the similar distribution at the Saint Joseph College’s Grandfreda Covered Court, where a meeting was held and attended by staff and students-grantees from other 2 colleges-College of Maasin and Maasin City College.

In an interview with the local press at SJC campus shortly after the distribution ceremony, Cristobal disclosed that the Congressman’s initiative has a great role in the agenda’s program of scholarship granted to qualified students of this province who were determined to pursue and complete college degrees.

The basic requirement under the CHED’s program among scholar students, she explained, is to maintain an average grade of at least 2.5% or 85%, while that of the Congressnan’s, which is under the Tulong-Dulong, a simple passing rate is all that is required from the recipients.

Although in both instances, the students-grantees are given the chance to finish college, be it a four-year or five-year course, she informed.

“That is why my advice to the students is to make full use of this opportunity”, the newly-appointed CHED head who took her position in April this year, pointed out.

She further said that CHED directly coordinated with the private and public schools for the payment of tuitions to the scholars-grantees and the remaining funds, if there are any, will be given by the school to concerned students.
(Quirico M. Gorpido ,Jr.)

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Boy Abiera Celebrates His 68th Birthday

JUly 17,2014

Boy Abiera Celebrates His 68th Birthday
Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.

Maasin City,Southern Leyte- Artist Salvador “Boy” Abiera, the undefeated third term Councilor here has celebrated his 68th birthday anniversary in a simple affair.

Held recently at the Supercha Food Hauz 1 in brgy. Tunga-Tunga,it was attended by the celebrant’s workers, his wife and members of his family, some friends and relatives.

Second daughter Effie Lamoste Abiera-Sabandal,the City’s incumbent Vice-Mayor acted as the EMCEE of a short program.

A singing competition was held, but only a few have participated in prior to the dinner. The placers received token prizes.

While the guests were having their sumptuous meal, the celebrant, a natural singer himself, rendered several love songs to entertain them. Later some music lover guests who have the fond of singing rock and love songs joined in by separate renditions via an audio-video karaoke.

Sooner after the meals the Vice-Mayor requested all to stand up for a general dance, whose way of dancing by some, differed from others, with digital cameras clicking from time to time-for potential facebook posting or for posterity. Some sweethearts also joined in the spree and struck suitable romantic poses before digital cameras of friends for picturing.

On the other hand, however, Boy’s looks deny his age since he looks much younger than his age. He has a ready smile to project to everyone whenever he meet and greeted by friends, relatives or acquaintances.

Abiera during his uncut term of consecutive incumbency as municipal and city councilor has received several awards from various higher government agencies-one of which was a media award from a Manila-based private entity.

As a natural artist, he has several paintings done either in oil, pen, charcoal, water color or a mixture of other tools.

One of his paintings which is on display at the Abiera Museum of Arts in brgy. Tagnipa was his rendition of Andalucia Galleon Trade replica that anchored at Maasin Pier for a week sometime in November 2010.

Upon the Spanish ship’s arrival, some of its crew accompanied by few women danced aboard the huge wooden ship at the upper deck in response to a welcoming gesture of different dances for the visiting voyagers performed by some selected dancers coming from other municipalities of the province.

Numerous curious individuals including some public and private officials flocked to the spacious Maasin Pier to have a look of the replica of the Galleon Trade Andalucía, whose appearance to some onlookers, can be generally considered as “once in a lifetime”.

A Spanish journalist on board, in an interview revealed that the Andalucia replica has two engines that will only be used whenever ocean winds is not strong enough to push the huge ship’s masts during navigation.

The artist has wide miscellaneous collections of artifacts, among others, like various seashells, some stones, live and taxidermied birds, snake, cat, fish, fossils, some antiquated amulets, coins of the past decades.

His Museum of Arts is already included in the list among some of the well-known museums in the country worthy of visitation by both domestic and foreign tourists and students in all levels during their visits in Maasin for an educational tour; or for simple seeing of past treasures which deserve reservation/preservation that eventually provide a” look back” to the province’s condition in the historic past.

Earlier in his speech, after daughter Effie led in the thanking to the Lord God for the grace received before the standing and bowing guests, the birthday celebrant also thanking the Great Lord silently in his heart that he has reached his 68th year, hinted that for the teenagers/youngsters who want to live much longer to enjoy life, they should take away in their system/habit the abusive inclination and avoid taking harmful drugs and eating harmful foods that will destroy their bodies.(Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.)

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